1. All Aroma members agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions as a member of Aroma.

2. Customers will be given their own code to accumulate the bill.

3. Purchase invoices will accumulate. Buy over 7.000.000VND become close customers. The purchase of 30,000,000 VND to become VIP customers, valid for the next three years from the date the purchase invoice reached 30,000,000 VND.

4. Affiliated customers / VIP members will receive preferential offers from Aroma. Includes discounts, in-depth consultations, gifts and promotions for every occasion, under the company's program.

5.Purchase invoices are accrued when purchasing fixed prices (not applicable for discount / promotional items).

6.Customers must fill out the full name, gender, date of birth, mobile phone number, email address on the application form. Applicants must certify all particulars in the application as true and agree to all terms and conditions of membership.

7. Each individual code is only one user. Members can not transfer to other individuals or groups. Aroma reserves the right to disable the accumulation of points if there are doubts about the member's account without prior notice.

8. All members are responsible for notifying personal information to Aroma. Aroma will not be liable for any loss of benefit, privilege or other related issues accrued due to differences in membership information.

9. Aroma reserves the right to change or modify any terms and conditions of membership, including all rights or termination at any time without notice.

10. Members should notify Aroma if there are any issues related to accumulative points within 30 days of the transaction. For inquiries, please contact us at

11.In the event of a legal dispute, Aroma's decision is final.

I confirm that I have read and agree to terms and conditions as a member of Aroma.

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