When you purchase at Green Aroma, within 24 hours of receiving your product, you will be accepted for a replacement product or for a higher value product (paid extra for the difference). However, before proceeding with the change, please note the following specific requirements:

- Conditions for exchange.

- How to exchange the products.

- Expenses related to exchange product.

- Packing for GREEN AROMA.

- Barter time.

Step 1: Check the conditions of exchange

Products eligible for reimbursement are products that meet the following conditions and are not included in the list of non-refundable products


- The product is returned within 24 hours (confirmed postage or the carrier) from the date of receipt.

- Products are in original condition when receiving goods, intact temples, accessories (boxes, auxiliary bags ...).

- The product is not dirty, broken, damaged, dirty, scratched, smells strange.

- Unused product, full accessories.

- Products in the package and labeled with the product code.

- Product defects by the manufacturer.

- The product is wrongly delivered, wrong color that customers put.

- The return value must be greater than or equal to the product to be exchanged. In case of wrong product transfer, GREEN AROMA will return the products for free.

- Each product can only be exchanged once.

Step 2: Type of return product

To proceed with the  exchanges of product, please do two simple steps:


- Contact GREEN AROMA via Hotline to check product availability and change conditions to ensure that the product matches these conditions.


Choose the form of barter: Direct delivery or postal delivery

- If brought directly: you only need to bring your product and receipt upon receipt (red invoice) to the GREEN AROMA office.

- If sent by post: You should note with the delivery party the status of the goods: the original stamp, the box, the product. The product is not broken or damaged, the product is full accessories.

Step 3: Costs related to return product

Some of the fees you will incur when exchanging your order are as follows:

- Postage costs: If you do not bring your product directly to the GREEN AROMA office, you will incur the full cost of shipping the product to GREEN AROMA.

- If you send a product that does not meet GREEN AROMA return requirements, you will be charged a fee for us to return the product.

Step 4: Send the product to GREEN AROMA

Please return the goods and receipt (red invoice sent directly to the office of GREEN AROMA:Lầu 2, 1A Hoa Hồng, p. 2, Quận Phú Nhuận, Tp. Hồ Chí Minh.

This barter policy is subject to change without notice due to commodity standards. So please regularly update the information at the GREEN AROMA website

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